Hybrid golf clubs are a relatively new addition to the ever-evolving golf club technology. Hybrid clubs, in a nutshell, are meant to combine the best aspects of woods and irons in one club. The result is entirely new golf equipment that’s gaining popularity among recreational golfers, and even most pros.

Brief Description of Hybrids

Hybrid GolfThe main advantage that hybrid golf clubs bring lies in their club-faces. While ordinary irons have smaller club-faces that make hitting the ball quite difficult, hybrids instead have wider club-faces that are very similar to fairway woods, only slightly angled downward for easier movement across rough surfaces (another quality of irons). Also, hybrids incorporate a shorter shaft that makes its swinging mechanic quite easy, unlike fairway woods, which have longer shafts. Fairway woods have a swing mechanic that can be quite tough to master for recreational golfers.

These combination of elements from both irons and woods result in increased airborne duration and distance, while at the same time lessening the effects of any swing mistakes.

Adjustment of Hybrid Clubs

Some hybrid golf clubs, especially earlier models, are also adjustable, making it possible to modify the club’s weight distribution and loft angle according to the player’s discretion. This can easily be achieved by using an Allen wrench and following the steps bellow:

  • First, turn the hybrid club upside down, and check to see if there is any hole in the club head, as well as near the part where the club head and the shaft connects. If there is, then your hybrid club is adjustable. If holes aren’t present, then your club isn’t capable of adjusting itself, and you need to consult a pro shop if you wanted to have some adjustments done on your club.


  • To adjust the pull of the swing and the weight of the club, slide an Allen wrench into one of the holes that’s located on the bottom on the club head. You can then simply remove the weights located in it by turning the wrench counter-clockwise. If you remove the weight on the hole near the shaft, it’ll cause the club to pull away from you during your swing. If you remove the weight on the hole in the opposite side, it’ll cause the club to pull towards you. If you see a third hole in the middle of them, removing the weight in it will simply reduce the weight of the entire hybrid, affecting the pull of the swing.


  • To adjust the loft angle of the club head, locate the hole on the side of the club, again around the area where the club head connects to the shaft. Once you’ve seen it, insert the Allen wrench into it, and turn it clockwise to increase the loft angle of the club, or turn it counter-clockwise to decrease it. Take note that an adjustable hybrid can only alter its loft angle up to around two to three degrees. If you need an angle that’s more than that, it’s best to find a specific club instead.
Hybrid’s Usage

Generally, a hybrid golf club’s usage is quite similar to an iron. Some even view hybrids as a total replacement for traditional long irons of the same number, since they’re much easier to hit the ball with in areas where irons are needed. Some players still keep a few irons in their golf bags, though, especially when the course is full of tall grass which can make it difficult for hybrids, due to their “wood-like” club heads.

Hybrid Golf Clubs

Some even note that hybrid golf clubs are also perfect replacements for fairway woods, but this can easily be dismissed. In general, a fairway wood’s advantage is that it’ll still generate better distance for the ball because it offers greater club speed.

Due to these advantages, it’s quite common for golfers nowadays, recreational golfers and pros alike, to always have at least one hybrid club in their lineups. Some even carry a full set of hybrid golf clubs in their course runs, and if you want to buy new hybrid golf clubs then visit our page www.rockbottomgolf.com/woods-hybrid.