Lanyard There are many accessories or devices used for identification purposes. One good example would be badges. A badge is usually made of plastic, metal, rubber, or leather. It bears the logo or the name of the organization. Usually, the badge carries the name, address, and other important data about the bearer. A lanyard, on the other hand, is made of different materials but the most common would be braid polypropylene.

Badge lanyards have become the most convenient choice for many businesses and institutions when it comes to displaying ID cards. Public, government, and private employees are required to wear them around their necks while serving for their respective organizations. On the other hand, schools require their students and personnel to wear their ID cards while inside the school premises.

Uses of a Lanyard for Companies

Nowadays, it has already become a standard for most companies to require their employees to wear badge lanyards as a part of their uniform. Making use of a badge lanyard has become the most accessible way to wear identification cards and other important security passes. Majority of companies make sure that they use name badges as a form of identification. On the other hand, entry passes are used to ensure that highly sensitive company information remain secure.

The company can also easily keep track of employees’ movements within the workplace by tracing the special identification data embedded within the name badges. Making use of this innovative system also helps companies in ensuring the safety of their employees and properties.

Wearing a neck lanyard can also give employees peace of mind as they don’t have to deal with the hassles of getting it in and out of their bags each time they need it. Also, they are able to reduce the risks of losing their lanyards, as well as the things attached to such accessories.

Wearing neck lanyards can also prevent damages on the employees’ uniforms as consistent pinning of ID cards on fabric can cause damage. Improper attachment of ID cards can also cause deformities in the material, unnecessary pricking incidents, and possible loss of the ID. A badge lanyard is a valuable tool that can help people secure their keys, gadgets, and other necessary things while doing their duties. This is especially helpful if the person is forgetful.

Creating Brand Awareness

A badge lanyard plays a huge role in improving the image of your company or organization. You can make use of a customized lanyard for your company badges. Doing so helps in the promotion of your products and services. Printing the brand name or logo of your business is a subtle way to advertise to potential customers. Simply by having your employees wear customized lanyards, you are able to create instant awareness about your organization without talking out loud or spending too much money on marketing.

Organizers also wear them during conferences, exhibits, seminars, trade fairs, and other similar events. During these events, name badges are usually placed inside transparent plastic cases, with the names of the organizers along with their designations boldly printed. For easier access, calling cards can also be placed inside plastic cases.


As made clear, a badge lanyard has numerous uses. Whether you’re looking for something that’s perfect for advertising, promotion, publicity, and branding purposes, you’ll find the accessory useful. It is also relatively cheap if purchased in bulk. The more you order, the cheaper they get – but keep in mind that attachments, such as clips and hooks, still add to the cost of each lanyard.

Well, that affordability is the reason why it has become such an important tool in countless companies, organizations, and universities.